About Mike Harris

My mission on this blog is:

  • To help others by providing value up front.
  • Try to simplify the Empower Network opportunity for others
  • Put my stamp in the online world with my own unique style

…and show off my Texas accent:

As you can see, this video has ABSOLUTELY no reason for being on this page lol…

First, here’s the A.D.D. version of my About Me page.

Mike Harris.  Part-time Internet Marketer.  Family Man.  Call of Duty Junkie Extraordinaire.


Mike Harris Big Head Blogger


Hello, my name is Mike Harris and I currently live in Texas with my lovely wife Tina and two daughters, Chelsea and Jessica.  I am currently a Manufacturing Engineer Tech so right now I’m actually building my business on a part-time basis.

My ultimate goal is to grow my business to the point which will allow me to do two things:  Spend more quality time with my family and sit around and play Call of Duty all day!

Yeaaahhhh!!  Video game playing, internet blogging junkie over here!

I’m 33 years young and just prefer to have a little freedom in exchange for some upfront grunt work in the beginning.  Though having a job DOES pay the bills and fund my business online, there’s something about playing by someone elses rules 8 hours a day, 5 days a week that doesn’t really appeal to me anymore.

I’d rather sit around and write content on my blog that I can place subliminal messages into, and make you click the buy button right here:


Lol…did you buy anything yet?  I’m checking my PayPal account and I’m seeing that no transaction has taken place.  It’s ok, just click on the buy button again and see if it goes through this time.

As you can see, I’m a very laid back kind of guy.  Pretty much straightforward.  It’s easier that way.  I don’t have to sit here and bulls**t with you like I’m some type of “Guru” and spam your Facebook and email account with business opportunities all day.  Not that they’re bad, as there are a lot of great companies out there.

Speaking of which, what’s the latest and greatest companies out there today?  Shoot me a message, I want to know what you guys are up to these days.

Just No Spamming Please!

Goal of this blog:  My goal is to basically teach others what I know and hopefully I can get some of your feedback as well.  I’m always in “learning mode”.

Side Note:  Anything that I promote on this blog will only be offers that I have personally used myself.  Personally, it doesn’t make sense to recommend you buy something that I know nothing about.  That would be kinda stupid…

What am I promoting these days?  Nothing special really.  Just some little ol’ blogging network that pays out measly 100% commissions on all products.  I mean, who really wants 100% commissions?

Honestly, I think some of these internet guys are either on drugs or off somewhere living in a van

If you’re on my site, shoot me a message sometime!

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