6/2/2013: Black And Tam Inner Power Intensive Day 2

Just in case you missed it, click here for Day 1 of my Black and Tam Inner Power Intensive experience.

Black And Tam Inner Power Intensive Day 2

Philly Cheese steaks are the bomb aren’t they?

I had 2 of ’em over the weekend at the Sheraton hotel restaurant.


With fries and a sweet tea.

That was goooooddd eating.

The only drawback was that it gave me the “itis”.

Got a little heavy-eyed in class.

Luckily Toby, Layla, and Lawrence had us do the “Power Shuffle”.

We would stand up, run in place, and then do a fist pump while shouting “Power, Power, Power!”

Guaranteed to shake off the Zzzzzzzz.

Well, it did for me anyways.

Helped me get my “mojo” back.

Only wished some of that mojo juice would’ve worked for my phone / video camera battery…which kept dying on me.

I did managed to capture a few shots and videos though.

Meet Alicia Stringer

Alecia Stringer and Mike Harris

Alicia was cool as a fan (probably because she’s from Texas like me).


We didn’t get to hang out a lot, but when we did it was great.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be at the “Don’t Be A Wussy 2013” event in July, so maybe we’ll catch up then.

A Little One On One with Ted Prendez and Layla Black

Ted was one of the many at this event that had a major breakthrough at this event.

Here’s some footage I shot during his breakthrough:

The sound is kinda low, so you might need to “pump up the volume” a little bit:


Awesome stuff isn’t it?

There were so many breakthroughs at this event it was crazy.

The best part was that I got to meet a lot of positive, like-minded people.

People that made a decision to take control of their lives and “give the finger” to status quo.

We were literally like one, big family this weekend.

$100 Ipad, YouTube Video Optimization, and Steamy Neck Massages

Honestly, this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen an Ipad sold at this price, yet my buddy Cindy Bloom managed to do so…

Cindy Bloom and Sumeet Harish

…not without a very good reason though.

She used the $100 to get 50 of her YouTube videos fully optimized by Top Marketing Coach Traci Reuter.

Major “cojones” right there.

Makes good business sense though.

High Ranking videos = Traffic = Leads = Sales

That’s a proven formula for a successful business right there.

I guess neck massages are great for business too, because that’s what Traci decided to spend with her $100.

Here’s some proof that I captured on video:


I suppose relieving stress comes with the territory of building an online business right?

Ok, now that we got the $100 Ipad and steamy neck massage outta the way, let’s learn about the easiest way to build yourself an automated money system.

Let’s Get Technical

What is a funnel?

Question is, why is it important to your business and what is the purpose of it?

A funnel is specifically designed to capture a person’s information and solve their “problem” by “speaking their language”.

Solving a person’s problem basically means that more than likely they are purchasing something from you.

A sales funnel typically has 3 parts:

  • A Capture Page
  • A Sandwich Page
  • A Sales Page

What Is A Capture Page?

A capture page has one specific purpose which is to get someone’s info whether it is their name, email, or phone number depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

They typically have:

-Video & Optin Form

-Headline, Copy, & Optin Form

-Headline, Optin Form (Mainly Solo Ads)

You probably see them all the time online and they typically look like this:

Almost A Secret

You will want to make sure that your page is aimed towards the correct “pocket” of people that you’re trying to market to.

It’s a lot easier to have people come to you rather than chasing down random people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.


What Is A Sandwich Page?

Once someone has opted in to your list, this page normally tells them to confirm their optin.

Most of the time, it will also take them to your sales page.

*A benefit of a sandwich page is that it “warms” up potential customers by building trust with them.  Maybe you create a video that gives them more insight to who you are.  It’s like you’re taking that person by the hand and leading them to the solution that they are looking for.*

The Solution: The Sales Page

Sometimes there are some funnels that have just the Capture and Sales Pages only.

This really depends on what type of offer you have.

If you have a high converting offer like this, then you’ll just have 2 pages instead of three.

This page is where you will pull back the curtain and make an offer to your warm prospect.

It’s pretty simple…if your offer will help solve their problem, they are more likely to buy.

If not, they won’t.

No harm done and no feelings hurt.

Your online funnel is basically an online filter and cash register at the same time.

Only qualified people buy, so you don’t have to waste your time and energy on the unqualified because your system works for you on autopilot.

Automated “systems” get a thumbs up in my opinion.

Closeout To A Great Event

I will say this…if you can get to events, I definitely recommend you do so.

The people you meet, the relationships you build, and the leaders that you get to interact with makes ALL the difference in building your business.

Black And Tam Inner Power Intensive

You get to learn ALOT of juicy information as well.

It’s funny because what first started with me asking Lawrence about his Project Mayhem training site turned into a full-fledged conversation about video games, niche sites, and crappy pay raises from his former job.

You just don’t get that type of face-to-face interaction with these guys through Facebook.


If you are still sitting on the sidelines, you can…

1.  Get To Know Me

2.  Get To Know Team Take Massive Action

3.  Get To The Next Event, So We Can Hangout

To Face To Face Connections,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris and Lawrence Tam







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