6/1/2013: Black and Tam’s Inner Power Intensive Day 1

Kickin’ It At Black and Tam’s Inner Power Intensive: Day 1

Mike Harris and Lawrence TamBoom!

Personally, this is going to be HUGE step for me.

I really didn’t have to think about it at all.

I saw that 3 Top Internet Marketers were having an “Inner Power Intensive” session down in Houston, Tx. and I jumped all over the opportunity.

It’s on….like Donkey Kong…


Now if I can just get an accountability partner that Layla messaged me on Facebook about…

Sometimes it helps to read the fine print, which clearly I didn’t do.

Couldn’t help myself.

The excitement took over.

I’ve been following these guys for a while now, but never met them face to face.

So I’m taking it upon myself to seize this moment for personal growth in my own online business.

Gaining continuous knowledge = Personal growth = More value to share with others.

At least that’s how I look at it.

I know this is sort of cliche’, but it needs to be said…

In order to become successful, you must place yourself around successful people.

Find those that have the results that you want and join forces with them.

Period.  Space.  Space.

Saturday June 1, 2013

Anyways…I’m literally three and a half hours from Houston, so I woke up early Saturday morning (3am + yawwwnnn), scooped up my gear, and hopped on Interstate 45 South en route to Houston.

I am ready and PUMPED…

Which is crazy because if you know a little about me, you’ll know that I’m as laid back of a person as they come.

But not today.

I’m finding that “Inner Power” today.

I plan on having breakthroughs…today.

I already have a head start though…thanks to these Inner Circle trainings that I have on my trusty ipod.

*Side note: If you think audio is a waste of time, you’re not seeing the bigger picture here*

Trust me, listening to these babies helps you tap into a different way of thinking that you may have never thought you had.

So I finally arrive at the Sheraton hotel with snacks in hand, a notepad, and 2 pens.

I’m ready to learn some stuff today.

This is funny because I soon as I turned the corner to the registration table, almost instantly I was greeted by a fellow Empower Networker named James Hunter.

We clicked immediately.

Maybe it was because we both had bald heads…



If you happen to already know James, you can see that he is one of the most selfless human beings ever to be on this planet…no joke.

Here’s a video that we cut during the Inner Power Intensive:

So we get registered (Black and Tam’s team of assistants are badass by the way) and wait for the “party” to get rolling.

Well Come On Down!!

Here’s the funny part:

While most of the group had already got settled in the training room, I was still out in the lobby thinking that we were still waiting on other people to arrive.

Only when I looked up from my phone that I realized that Toby and Layla were standing by the double doors waiting on me to go in and high-five everyone that had formed a Soul Train-esque party line.


So I ran in, high-fiving everyone while trying not to drop my bag of snacks and notebook.

I felt like I was having a clumsy Steve Urkel moment.

Steve Urkel

So as I made my way to a seat, I heard someone say “Hey, that’s too far back…you need to sit closer to the front!”

I look up and I see a girl with a huge smile looking at me with her big brown eyes.

Why does that sound like a verse in a song or something?


So I grabbed my stuff and sat next to her.


Her name’s Gladys by the way.  Cool gal…

At that moment I knew that the whole atmosphere of this event was WAYYY different then anything I’ve personally seen.

It’s like everyone was looking out for everyone else.

Encouragement, smiling, high-fiving, etc.

Literally ALL kinds of positive reinforcement.

It really just comes down to support.

This is what people NEED, not just for building a business, but for life in general.

Ok, let’s get down to the nitty gritty for Day 1:

A Few Key Lessons To Remember

  • Set Point
  • Emotional Leverage
  • D.A.S.H. Factor

What Is A Set Point?

A Set point basically is your income “thermostat”.  It’s what you believe you are worth to the marketplace.

What VALUE do you feel you bring to the table?

Is it worth $10?





$1 Million?

Take a look at what your skill sets are and ask yourself if people are willing to pay for them?

The truth is, everyone has some type of value, whether they believe it or not.

The key is that you have to BELIEVE it in order to move forward.

What Is Emotional Leverage?

This is when there is something going on in your life that causes you so much “pain” that you will do anything to change your current situation.

It could be your job, increasing debt, bad relationships, or any other type of painful situations that will provide you with powerful emotional leverage to change.

You draw on those feelings to give you strength deep down that will carry you through the changing process.

In other words, you will be less likely to quit before the change comes.

What Is The DASH Factor?

I want you to take a look at a tombstone.

What do you see?

Most of the time you see someone’s name followed by their birth date and death date.

It looks like this:

John Doe

1955 – 2013

Devoted Blogger

Take note of the dash in between the birth date and death date.

This represents every single event that has happened in your life.

Ask yourself, what did I do with my life?

How many people’s lives did I impact?

Did I get the most out of life that I possibly could?

What did i miss out on because I let fear stop me from taking action and moving forward?

When you take a look at your life, do you want it to represent “should’ve could’ve?


Accomplishments because you kicked fear in the ass and did exactly what you wanted to in life.

You took control.

Do you want to make your “dash” count for something?

You can…and it all starts with breakthroughs:

If you are searching for your own personal breakthrough, you can start here.

Click here for Day 2 of my Black and Tam experience,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris

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