Creating Great Blog Content So You Don’t Put Your Readers To Sleep Part Two

While an effective blog site has lots of aspects, creating great blog content is perhaps the most essential element of any trustworthy blog site.

Creating Great Content For Your Blog Part Two

Great Blog ContentIn part one of this series, we discussed where you could obtain great content for your blog.

Today we’ll talk about what are the types of content that you could be adding to your blog.

Types of Content

When it comes to creating great blog content, there are tons of ideas to choose from. Your chosen niche will definitely have an effect on what you want to blog about.

If you have a DIY focused niche market, then you will probably need to create lots of “how to” type content.  Showing someone exactly how to do certain tasks always seem to work great with video. However, you will also need to mix things up a bit in order to keep your blog interesting for your visitors.

Some of the more common content types include “how to” content, tips, and other types of content.  I’d recommend Google to get an idea on different content types that I haven’t mentioned on here.

How to Articles or Videos

How To articles and videos serve as content that deal with teaching your visitors how to do something.  From using WordPress, repairing something, cooking something, proper technique in playing sports, etc. These types of content often give out step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish certain things or how to deal with certain problems.

Make sure that you have a list of everything that they will need and try to keep the steps in your article or video as clear and easy to follow as possible. Do not be afraid to jump into specifics and avoid posting vague and unclear instructions.

create great blog content

If you create a video, try not to sound like that boring, monotone Visine “clear eyes” guy.


Content that give out tips are somewhat similar to How To articles and videos. However, tips are more general and people can make a decision on when they would like to apply them.

You can give tips for almost anything that you can think of which you can use to your advantage.  Just be sure to be very specific when giving tips to your readers.

Make sure that your tips are valuable and helpful. Some blogs out there build solid reputations by relying on giving people tips about their chosen topics.

Content that deals with personal experiences

Creating great content that deals with personal experiences can also keep readers interested what you have to say. Keep in mind the more you have learned, the more value you can give out to those who are listening.  People can learn a lot from the experiences of others.

If you are a blogger who specializes in building blogs and monetizing them for example, your past experiences can provide a lot of valuable information for people who are trying to find the easiest way to create a blog and make money.

Articles that deal with past experiences often provide very practical information that can help people who are currently going through the same experience.

People Love Stories

Stories that are posted in blogs often entertain AND teach people at the same time. This type of content is quite similar to the “personal experience. Alternatively, you can occasionally post stories that are not necessarily related to your chosen niche.

This can help make your blog more interesting. In addition to this, your readers will be able to relate to you more. Using stories is a good way to build a real and meaningful relationship with your readers.

Miscellaneous Content

Even though I listed a few content types above, there are still other types of content that you can use in your blog. This can include viral videos or articles about trending topics that you can use to keep people entertained.

You can post a reaction to current events or a personal appeal to your readers. You can also post surveys or polls to get some valuable feedback from your readers.  Interaction is always a good thing amongst your readers. Cool

In the end, it will be to your advantage if you can use all of the types of content listed above.

This will help keep your blog dynamic and up to date. However, some blogs specialize in only one type of content and these blogs rarely feature the other types discussed.

All in all, it will depend on the niche you choose, your skills as a writer, as well as your personal preferences (some people prefer articles over video and vice versa). Just keep in mind that your content has to be original, relevant and useful for your readers.

Additionally, do not forget to do your research and check your facts. Make sure that what you are posting is truthful and credible.

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