How Did Chris Record Make $136,863 Part-Time with Empower Network In 7 Months?


How Did Chris Record Make $136,863 Part-Time With Empower Network?

How Did Chris Record Make $136,863 Part-Time In Empower NetworkImagine waking up early, let’s say around 5:30 am.

You only went to bed four hours ago, blogging with heavy eyes with the intent of building your internet business with the few hours that you had left in the previous day.

Your eyes are red, your still suffering from grogginess, and you have the worst case of morning breath ever.

So you slowly get on your feet and start heading towards the bathroom, stumbling around in the dark trying to reach for the nearest light switch.

As soon as the light comes on, you make that ugly frown and squint as your eyes try to adjust to the lightning.

What’s funny is that some people won’t even turn the light on yet.

They rather just play a short game of “target practice” in the dark…which is not recommended by the way lol.

After messing up the floor, you grab your toothbrush, checking it to see if it’s the right one.

Even if you’re married, using your spouse’s toothbrush is still a little unsanitary.

Food particles, day old toothpaste residue, etc…

So you turn the shower on to make sure the water is hot by the time you finish brushing your teeth.

Before you immediately hop into the shower, you do the hand check to make sure you don’t either scorch yourself or freeze your ass off by stepping in the tub.

As the warm shower goes across your head, this is probably one of those times in your life that you could go to sleep while standing up.

Relaxing isn’t it?

So when you finish with your shower and get dressed, you head to the kitchen to put on some coffee, grab a bowl or cereal, a piece of fruit, or throw some Eggo waffles into the toaster.

Here’s one of the parts that really suck if you don’t have a garage and it’s freezing outside…

…starting a cold car

…and having to sit in it, depending whether or not your worried someone would drive away with it if you waited inside while your car was warming up.

So after your car’s warmed up, you kiss the wife and kids and head off to battle TRAFFIC.

Side note: Internet traffic is good traffic…highway traffic is just plain sh**ty traffic.

People driving too slow, people texting, people coming across 3 lanes on you because they don’t want to miss their exit.

Basically everyone on the road is a bad driver but you.Laughing

It’s like a big setup.

It’s like your company knows that all of this crap that happens before you even get to work will one day push you to the boiling point where you snap…so they can fire you ass.

They’re probably thinking, “Ok he’s been here long enough, it’s time to hire some young blood in his position that will make half the pay he’s been making.

Even if this isn’t the exact scenario of the daily grind that you go through on a daily basis, I know most of you can relate.

If you have recently turned to the internet to find a way to make an income, it can be tough trying to build on that if you already have a 8-12 hour job.

There are at least 3 reasons most people turn to the internet to make money:

1.  People are looking for an additional income stream to supplement their regular 9 to 5 income.

2.  Their current 9 to 5 job doesn’t generate enough income just to pay the regular bills, not anything extra.

3.  People are looking to escape the daily grind of dealing with their job’s monkey poo and work from home.

Most people are tired of waking up in the early hours of the morning, tired of being pressured to get work assignments done, and most of all tired of not being able to be free from all kinds of stress that bogs people down in life.

Is A Part-Time Income Possible Online?

In one short word…yes.

Chris Record Empower Network LeaderChris Record, one of Empower Network’s rising leaders works 60+ hours a week at his full-time job and still managed to make $136,683 within 7 months of joining Empower Network.

This is not meant to hype you up by means…just stating facts.

What made Chris this income in such a short time?

I won’t go into great detail, but what David Wood talks about in one of his Empower Network courses is the skill of building a team culture.



Income Disclaimer: While Chris’ results are extraordinary, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll ever earn money with Empower Network.

What Does Team Culture Mean?

Team culture is the way of getting people in one collective mindset, heading down the same path towards one specific goal.

So how is a part time marketer like Chris Record able to achieve this type of behavior from people?

What makes people want to join him, even when he’s at his full time job and away from his business?

There are five steps that go into defining a team culture…

…five steps that Chris Record has mastered well in a short time.

5 Steps For Creating A Team Culture:

1.  Vision – Did you know that most people who have a strong belief are able to visualize a plan in great detail and then put that into action immediately?

This is what Chris Record did when he and a few other marketers founded Team Take Massive Action within Empower Network.

If you follow sports or any other thing that involves teams, you’ll know that a team is more likely to accomplish feats more quickly than an individual.

*Well except for someone like Michael Jordan…he could beat teams single-handedly.  He was just that badass*

Dave Wood says that if you can take people’s individual strengths and use them in a collective effort, goals can be accomplished exponentially faster than usual.

2.  Systems –  Most successful teams always have a good system in place.  A good system allows anyone (given the right mindset) to plug into it and have success with very little hand holding….or as Dave Wood says “reaching around and rubbing your butt-cheek and babying you through your business”.

3.  Education – Most people like to continually learn something new on an on going basis.

What Chris Record does so well is that he has created a system that educates members (old or new) on autopilot.  Let’s face it…he can’t be everywhere.  That would be unrealistic thinking.

Let me ask you something:  What do you think this accomplishes?  Why put a system in place for the education of team members?  Here’s why:

When people learn something new and have some sort of breakthrough, it keeps them motivated.  It keeps them moving forward.

*People tend to stick around you if they feel you are helping them move forward*

4.  Leadership Development – People don’t become leaders just because they speak the loudest or they walk around with their chest stuck out…

Screaming out “I’m a leader” doesn’t make you a leader.

Value does.  Personal education does.

The more you educate yourself, the more value you have to share with other people.

Learn stuff.  Share stuff with others that don’t know everything you’ve learned.  Rinse & repeat.

This is what Chris Record’s team system does.  It sponsors, educates, and develops leaders.

5.  Relationships – This is an area that a lot of people struggle with.  Most people sell first, connect second.

Next time you’re on Facebook, I want you to go to a home-business page and see how many “spam” sandwiches you can count.

It’s sorta like when a guy is at the bar or in a club and walks up to a female he finds attractive and blurts out “let’s hook up!”

Do you think that works?  How successful do you think he is?  Does he close the deal or…

…does he get a drink in the face followed by a slap?

When there is a team community that Chris has created within Team Take Massive Action, people learn to form relationships rather than walking around with a “buy my shit” button stamped directly on their foreheads.

There are multiple ways to form relationships such as live events, Google Hangouts (check out the 6-figure hangout with Chris Record by clicking here), and even single YouTube videos.

People deal with people they like and trust.

Think about it…would you go into business with your worst enemy?  I doubt it.

Or someone you don’t really even know?  I doubt it.

This is what Chris Record has done well.  He has built a community working towards the same goal.

This is why he made $136,683 in 7 months.

Ask yourself, what could you do with that part-time income?

Could you silence a few bill collectors by paying off some of your debt?

Get away from the daily grind of work and take vacation to clear your mind?

Are you literally sick of the stress of not having enough money to do anything BUT pay bills?

Stuff like that can make anyone’s head hurt.

But it can stop once you make a decision to do something about it.

To see how Chris took action, watch this video.

To “banking” part-time,

Mike Harris

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