Applying Engineering Concepts To Your Online Business

Engineering Concepts & Online Business 101

It’s funny about some of the things you learn if you’re someone that works their online business part-time like me.

If you’re new to this blog and don’t know much about me, I currently work as a Manufacturing Engineering Tech at my current J.O.B.

Which means I have to find creative ways to keep my business running while I’m on the clock.

Obviously, blogging is one of the ways of putting myself out there to the world with my own personal twist.

Ya feel me?

Aight then…

So today we had a 4-hour course on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and all kinds of other stuff that you probably aren’t interested in.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to dive TOO deep into the world of Lean Manufacturing…

However, there was one concept that you can apply regardless of what type of business you’re in.

Still here?

Haven’t ran off yet?

Great…let’s begin.

How To Apply 5S To Your Business

Do you know what 5S is?

Ever heard of it?

If you happen to work for Toyota, I can pretty much guarantee that you’ve heard about it.

Like with any business, 5S is step-by-step process that will rid your business of “waste”, create a safer work environment, and ultimately increase profitability.

That’s great Mike, but how does this help me?

Umm yeah…I was getting to that.

Make sure you see how you can apply each concept to your own business (if you have one ).

Ok…let’s begin young grasshopper:

1.  Sort

Sorting is when you look at a specific area of your business and proceed to “weed out” all of the junk that doesn’t benefit the overall process.

Let’s imagine that you’re an online marketer that is trying to pull in more traffic to your money site.

Now if you have A.D.D. , you’re probably more likely to have the “new shiny object” syndrome.

Practically buying any piece of software that promises a fast, easy solution to your online traffic “woes”.

Or joining multiple home-based businesses in hopes of making a quick buck.

By eliminating the “waste”, you remove extra steps in your process that aren’t needed.

You’re moving forward, rather than side-to-side with unnecessary steps.

2.  Set

Set is the process of taking a look at what you have left from what you previously sorted out.

You determine how your sorted tools will complete a specific task the fastest.

3.  Shine

Some people are probably seeing this and wondering if they’re supposed to clean their computer desk off or something.

I mean, if you want to buy some Pledge and clear the dust off your desk….


Shine is about maintaining what you have set into place in your business.  For instance, take a look at my blog.

It’s up to me to make sure that it’s updated, organized, and easy on the eyes.

It’s ok…that’s the price of building your own online real estate.

4.  Standardize

If you’ve ever seen a good online system in place, that is the perfect example of standardizing a process in your business.

Your process should be set in a way that anyone can plug into it and carry out the same tasks as the previous user.

This basically eliminates the guesswork for anyone using the system.

It’s always cool when you can rid yourself of micromanagement or “babysitting”.

5.  Sustain

This is the step that makes sure that the method put in place doesn’t regress over a period of time.

The process should be fully sustained without much interference from the end user.

It’s sorta like cleaning out and organizing your garage and ensuring that it will never go back to it’s formerly JUNKY state.

So Where Does 5S Fit In With You?

Take a step back and just look at what goes on in your life on a day to day basis.

Honestly, it’s really not a stretch to say that you can apply 5S concepts to life in general…not just in business.

Go ahead and name a few daily tasks at home and you’ll see what I mean.

Congrats, you’re an engineer now!


Not really, but you did learn a lil’ something today.

To cleaning and organizing STUFF,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris








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