Creating A Blog From Scratch And Turning It Into An Automated Income System

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WordPress is VERY user-friendly when it comes to creating a blog from scratch:

If you can follow my step-by-step instructions on creating a blog from scratch and turning it into an automated income system, you’ll:

  • Have a blog that will pull in targeted traffic with your added content (blog posts)
  • Generate leads basically “hands free” from that targeted traffic (building your list)
  • Convert your leads into sales virtually on auto-pilot


Your Internet “Real Estate” And Finding A Domain Name

When you get your own blog, you have to get your own “space” and you have to get a name for that space.

Now when you type in your url (your site’s name), it’ll point you to your site with all your blog posts, pages, images, affiliate links, etc.

In my case it’s

Resources recommended for this video:

GoDaddy:  This is the #1 spot to find your domain name.  You can grab one for around $12-13 depending on how many years you want to have the domain.  If you are just starting I recommend 1 year.

HostGator:  I used to host my site on GoDaddy, but I found HostGator to be the most convenient.  Their prices are low and you can host multiple sites under one plan.Smile

Now that you know what resources you’ll be getting jiggy with, you can watch the video below:

*You can change the video settings to 720p or 1080p if you need a clearer view*

If you have done everything correctly in the video, you should be able to access your site by going to

Your site should be pretty much bare bones at this point.  It’s like you have a blank canvas and you’re the artist, so over time you’ll pretty much know what will work for you.

*Remember there is a possibility that your site may not be up and running yet, but it could be related on their end not yours.*

Ok, now it’s time to go “behind the scenes” of your fresh new site.

You’ll need to type in


The next screen should look like this:

Wordpress Login Page

Here you need to enter the username and password you created when you installed WordPress.

They should have sent you the information to your email.

It should look similar to this pic (minus the blackouts):

Host Gator email

Ok once you are logged in, you can refer back to the video above to get an overview of your site’s back office if you need to.

Are you on information overload yet?

Don’t worry because once you become familiar with everything inside your back office, you’ll begin to breeze through it like it’s nothing.

One point that I’d like to focus on is my site’s theme.  It’s a couple of years old, but it is sooo dang user friendly.

It’s called Flexibility Theme (not an affiliate link) and I believe you can still download it for free.

It’s pretty much a “push button” type wordpress theme that has allowed me to direct visitors to where I want them to go on my site.

If you’re a beginner you won’t have to worry about any kind of coding, so you can just focus on blogging.

Sometimes less is MORE.

Give a person too many choices and they most likely won’t make a decision at all.

No need to clutter up your site with a whole bunch of flashy banners on the side.


If you just follow these simple instructions, you’ll have part of your Automated Income System built and ready to go.

I won’t really get into what type of theme you should use if you don’t want to use the Flexibility Theme, but make sure that it has a clean look to it.

If you Google “wordpress themes”, there are literally tons of themes that you can choose from and most that you buy will have a tutorial included with the theme so you won’t be left in the dark.

Lol…I put like three sentences into one.^

Well that’s all for this step, so make sure you get your site up and running and then follow the link below.Cool

Go here to learn how your email will be the other crucial part of your system