Empower Network 2.0 New Blogging Platform To Rival WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Typepad

Will the Empower Network 2.0 new blogging platform compete with WordPress, Tumblr, and other networks?

Empower Network 2.0 New Blogging Platform Once again, it looks like Empower Network is fighting back against “The Forces of Evil”.

Side note: Just because someone doesn’t agree with what you do…doesn’t make them “evil”.


I don’t think that Facebook, YouTube, or Google are evil…they just don’t want spam “graffiti” tagged all over their walls.

I mean really, could ya blame them?

Would you like someone to place a sign in your yard trying to sell something to others?

Probably not.

What would you do?

You’d probably get mad, turn green, and start smashing stuff right?

Maybe not that far, but you wouldn’t be a happy camper Laughing.

Empower Network changes the game, yet again

Dig this.

I heard through the grapevine that Empower Network is dropping the WordPress blogging platform and coming out with their own.  Click here on the grapevine to see what I mean.

Ya know, I’m beginning to see a trend forming within the EN company.  It’s very similar to how Amway and many other MLM companies are running things.  It’s very “Amway-esque“.

It means that most companies usually will introduce a new product every 3 to 4 months.  It yes it will be the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread.

At least that’s what they will say.

Back in April at the last event, they made video hosting available for all EN members at $25 dollars per month.

This came about because of the grumblings of many EN members that had been pimp-slapped by YouTube for mentioning anything related to Empower Network.

David Wood said “This is horseshit!  We’ll teach you to slap us around Youtube!  You wussy!”

Lol…did he really say that?

No…but I’m pretty sure he thought about it.

Anyways — it looks like much of the negative feedback about the blogging system must’ve passed up to the Double Dave’s because it seems the company is doing away with WordPress and using their own blogging platform.

EmpowerPress?  WussyPress?  BadassPress?

Who knows what it’ll be called, but right now this post is only based off speculation.

I’ll know for sure in the next few days when I log in to my EN back office and see what changes have been made to the blogging system.

I’m not gonna lie, I am kinda curious to see if this new blogging software will in fact be on the same level as WordPress and a few other blogging platforms.

I am a HUGE wordpress fan, so Empower Network will have to bring their A-game if they think I’m gonna switch over to their system.

As you can see, I’ve been doing most of my blogging on my own domain.  I’ve always felt that I want to be in control of my own content rather hand it over to someone else.

Just a personal preference though.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

This blog’s been ranking pretty well on it’s own, so I know what works for me.

Possible questions about Empower Network’s upcoming blogging platform:

Some people don’t like dealing with a ton of technical stuff when it comes to blogging, so will this new blogging system be user-friendly?

It will have to be if it is being marketed as a simple viral blogging platform, otherwise there will be a lot of angry customers.Yell

Will every EN member still have to post their content towards the empowernetwork.com domain?  I won’t say for sure, but I’m willing to bet on it.  Looking at it from a business owner standpoint, if you have over 100,000 affiliates posting content to your domain, why stop them now?


But since I’m NOT the owner of Empower Network and only an affiliate, I would rather build up my own domain over theirs.

With that said, I’m pretty sure that will remain the same.

Cool for beginners, not so cool for people who already know how to build and rank their own blog.

Last question, does this new blogging platform matter if Google no longer likes the empowernetwork.com domain?

There’s been rumors flying around all over the internet about the EN domain losing a lot of it’s effectiveness in the search engines because of the spamming by some EN members who probably don’t know any better.

I’m not saying the rumors are true, so you’ll have to research it for yourself.

I’ll say this, if Google decided that my site domain wasn’t worth a [insert expletive here], it wouldn’t matter how many times I changed my theme or placed flashy banners on the sidebar, I still wouldn’t rank.

No rank = no traffic = no subscribers = no potential sales

Who knows maybe in the next 3 months, Dave Wood will reveal their very own company search engine software that will rival Google?

Lol…I doubt it, but I’m sure they will be releasing SOME new product.

Later guys,

Mike Harris

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