5-23-2013: David Wood and David Sharpe’s “D2” Mastermind

Google Hangout With David Wood and David Sharpe

If you think about it, “change” really comes in an instant.

The moment you decide you’re gonna take action on whatever it is that you want to achieve in life, it begins.

Sorta like Batman.  (yeah…I love comic book movies)


batman begins

If you have ever seen the movie Batman Begins, there is a scene where Bruce Wayne has an encounter with a powerful Mob boss and in that moment decides to become something “more”.

In his case it was donning a skin tight bat suit and running around on rooftops.

Here, I even found the video for you to watch below:


Why Change Is Instant

The moment you decide you’re gonna lose weight

or change your financial situation…

or quit smoking cigarettes…

or quit drinking…

Whatever change takes place in your mind, your actions will begin to follow.

The only requirement is that you actually WANT to do it.

So that’s why I wanted to share this mastermind video with you.

If hearing from these two top internet marketers doesn’t motivate you to change your life in 2013 and move forward in the right direction…

…and I’m not talking about wearing a bat suit either.

Just Like, Tweet, or share on Google Plus and the video below is yours.



To Changing Your Life’s Outcome,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris

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