An Easy Way To Track Your Empower Network Leads For Free

The Importance Of Tracking Your Empower Network Leads

Have you ever got an email notification for a new subscriber from Aweber and didn’t have a clue where that lead came from?

Don’t worry, it happens to most people new to internet marketing…

Ok, who am I kidding?

It even happens to people that have been online for a while too.

Not anymore though.

Today you’re going to learn a cool new trick that many internet marketers use when they’re serious about their business.

You’re “stepping into your Inner Power” today.


How are you going to know what’s working OR NOT if you’re not tracking everything that’s going on with your marketing efforts.

You want to eliminate all of the guesswork and operate like a true marketer.

Of course you might be thinking that it’s ok to be a little lazy and just sort of “wing it” when it comes to your business, but I’m not letting you off the hook today.

Sorry…but “you gone’ learn today” Kevin Hart style.

Kevin Hart You Gone Learn Today


When you know how to track your Empower Network leads, you’ll have the data needed to “scale up” your efforts on what is working and place your focus in that area.

For example, if you have a blog post that is getting solid traffic and getting a fair amount of leads…

…you can basically dissect it to a tee.

You can see why this particular blog post is ranking better than the others.

Was it the keywords that were used?

The topic used in the blog post?

How good was the call-to-action?

As you can see, it could be a number of things that could be working.

Remember, tracking not only applies to your blog…it could apply to paid strategies as well.

It would suck to pay $200 big ones for a solo ad and not really know if it is working for you or not.

Sure you’ll get leads, but will you know if they came from solo ad?

Probably not.

Just think how critical tracking becomes when you start spending money.

Unless you have “fat money stacks” to throw away.

Tracking Your Leads Is Easy…I Swear

This is pretty simple.

Basically, all you need to do is place a “?source” at the end of your squeeze page url…

…but if it already has the “?source” attached, you just add “&source” to the end of that.

Am I being clear as mud?

Ok, let me put it like this.

Here’s my squeeze url located at the top of my menu bar:

So if I wanted to track my leads from this specific post, I would have a link like this:

I typically like to use a few keywords from the title of my blog post, so there’s no confusion.

Got it so far?


If you click on the link with “?empowernetworkleads” at the end, you’ll see it in the address bar like in the pic below:

Tracking Leads

Now if you happen to have a link that already has a “?source” at the end of it, you’ll just add the “&source” next to it.

Here’s my Team Take Massive Action link below for an example:

If you’re on our team, this url will look familiar to you.

*Note the “&empowernetworkleads” after my affiliate link.*

The team link is integrated with my Empower Network link, so my bare EN would look like this:

…and with the correct tracking added to the Empower Network squeeze page link, it will look like this:

Remember I said earlier that you can also track your paid advertising efforts as well, so if you had a solo ad you would just add the “&soload” after your Empower Network I.D.

Still clear as mud?

I hope not because I’d like to think I’ve been pretty straightforward.

Enter Aweber

There are a handful of autoresponders out there, but most people use Aweber.

When you get yourself an Aweber account, log into the back office.

You should see a subscribers tab like this:

aweber tabs

After your list comes up, click on the link which should be either a lead’s name or “Name Unknown”:

Subscriber Link

Once you click that link it will open up the subscriber info shown below.

The subscription source will show the exact page where the lead filled out the form.

Subscriber Info

As you can see, there’s really nothing to setting up your own tracking system.

Just follow these few steps and voila…you’re tracking like a seasoned marketer.

To taking your online business seriously,

Mike Harris

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