Is The Empower Network Opportunity Meant For Everyone?

What is Empower Network?

Is it some type of Pyramid Scheme?

Is it some type new way to take people’s hard earned money from them?

Is it MLM, a high paying affiliate program, or lead generation program?

If you were looking to have these questions answered, you are definitely on the right page.


Let it be known that I’m not big on a bunch of hype and fluff. To be honest, I can’t really stand that “cheerleader rah rah” type of garbage. Hopefully I can provide you with all of the answers to your questions.


David Wood and David Sharpe’s Empower Network

About more than a year ago, Empower Network was born.  It was the brainchild of David Wood and David Sharpe, two of the top leaders in the Network/Internet Marketing industry.

Long story short, David Wood was “homeless man living in a van” while Dave Sharpe was an ex-construction worker who recently conquered his battle with drug addiction.

Though there were a few hiccups, (server crashes, merchant account shutdowns, people flagging Youtube videos with anything Empower Network in the title, aliens taking over the Empower Network building location, etc.) Empower has grown into 100,000 members in a fairly short time.

What is unique about their company is the fact that they are paying 100% commissions to everyone that purchases and promote their products.  Pretty powerful stuff in my opinion.

I’m not sure how new this concept of paying out 100% commissions is, but I’ve seen something similar with Traffic Dashboard, a product sold by popular blogger Kim Roach.

However, with Traffic Dashboard, you only made a 100% commission by selling the product on the front end only.

But back to Empower Network, people get started by joining for $25 and immediately get to start blogging right off the bat.  The blogging platform (WordPress) is already fully optimized so a newbie can rank fairly quickly without too much work….just consistent effort.

Now I’m sure a “fully optimized blog” doesn’t mean much to most people, especially a new person.  Most people just want to plug into the system and make some dang money.

Can you really make money quickly with Empower Network?

Here’s 2 observations that I’ve made so far with EN:

Empower Network has only been around for a little more than a year and leaders and newbies alike have made extraordinary incomes.

I think this came down to 2 factors: Influence and timing.  Leaders influence people to follow them.  People follow leaders because they feel like they can lead them to where they’re trying to go.  So if a leader decides to join a company like Empower Network, there is less resistance from the rest of the group to follow their leader to the new company.

So how did these new people without influence, without a list make extraordinary incomes?


This seems to be true in business and in life itself.  Normally people that position themselves in front of an opportunity at the right time tend to be the ones that get the biggest “handful” simply because they’re FIRST.

Is Empower Network saturated then?

Ok…I am by no means saying EN is saturated.  In fact, they just hit over 10,000 new bloggers for the month of February alone and are poised to go over 100,000 members in the short time they started this company.

For example, Vick Strizheus waited 10 months before joining and look what he’s doing now.

Team Take Massive Action leader Chris Record raked in $136K working part-time in 7 months.

Brad Campbell made 20K in 10 days, ALL from consistent blogging.

*They probably have went over 100,000 members as you are reading this post.*

Watch this video below and judge for yourself:



Just regular everyday people having success in Empower Network:



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To Creating A Path To Freedom,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris