Are You a Superhero or a “Piece Of Junk” In Empower Network? (True Story)

Are you a superhero or a “piece of junk” in Empower Network?

Are You a Superhero or a "Piece Of Junk" In Empower Network

I remember a few years ago when I attended one of those hotel “rah rah” meetings for the first time in my life.  I happened to be invited by a friend who was in the real estate industry. 

Up to this point he was doing well for himself financially, so naturally I wanted to follow in his footsteps. 

So I arrived at the newly-built La Quinta Inn and upon pulling up in my grandfather’s 1998 Ford F-150 (he had recently passed and it was given to me), I noticed that there were a numerous amount of luxury vehicles parked near the entrance of the hotel. 

When I walked through the automated sliding doors, I was greeted by this clean cut older guy who had huge grin from ear to ear, kind of like that creepy cat from Alice in Wonderland. 

He then directed me to the sign-up table where I paid a $5 fee and wrote my name down on a sticker that reminded of those Price Is Right stickers that the contestants wear. 

After I placed my sticker on my chest, I walked into a room that had a projector screen with two nice-sized speakers on both ends. 

They were blaring out an assortment of “pump you up” tracks, the ones that you would probably hear during pre-game warm-ups at some sporting event.

Eventually the room filled up and the “Let’s Get Ready To Rumbleeeeeeeee!!!” music came on as the company “leader” walked (strutted) towards the front of the room.  His assistant helped him adjust his microphone as everyone else stood and clapped in sync to the beat of the music. 

After music died down and everyone sat in their seats, he began introducing himself by telling us a little about his back story that got him to where he was today.  I quickly noticed that he was a very animated guy. 

His bodily gestures combined with his smooth way of connecting with the crowd through his words easily showed why he was the top producer in the company.  He sort of had a Barack Obama-type charisma going for himself…minus the big ears.

Halfway through the presentation, I was already overwhelmed with excitement and ready to join on the spot.  At the present time, the company products combined with the rough economy made perfect sense. 

I thought to myself, “You mean I can easily make money like this?!  How long has this been around?” “How come no ever told me until today?

Secretive bastards….lol

Nevertheless at the end of the presentation, I signed up.  After I got acquainted with the other leaders and my new team, I raced home to tell my wife the good news.  It sort of went like this:

Me: “Hey honey, I’ve got some great news to tell you!”

Wife:  “Oh yeah? What about?

Me: “Well I just joined this company that’s has great products and is on the verge of exploding, so in the next few months we’ll probably be sitting pretty financially.”

Wife:  “Eh..”

Me:  “Eh?….Eh what?

Wife:  “Is that one of those pyramid schemes?  I’ve been to a few of those long time ago…before we met.  They don’t work.”

Of course that put me on the defensive, so I fired back, “I’ll just have to prove your ass wrong then!”

Now granted that last comment pretty much messed up any slight chance I had of sneaking a little “after hour” time in with my wife, but I didn’t care because I was pissed.

What bothered me the most was that I thought out of all people she would be on board with my newest venture.  She was my wife, my rock, and my support system, but she wasn’t when it came to this company.

In a few words…It literally SUCKED.

Now as bad as I wanted to prove my wife wrong about dismissing my dreams for a financial breakthrough, the following weeks were a combination of rejections, no-shows, and “I told you so’s” from my wife, of course.  I was pretty much on the losing side of this personal battle.

I never thought that my vision for financial freedom for my family would have caused such a strain on my marriage, but unfortunately it did…

…but for all the WRONG reasons.

First off, successful marriages are based on 3 things:

1.  Love

2.  Trust

3.  Support

If you love someone, you trust that they’ll do right by you.  You have no doubt in your mind that they will always be there for you.  And when you have built a strong foundation of trust with your spouse, you are willing to be supportive in a lot (if not all) decisions made by him/her.  

So when you are out there working your ass off trying to make a better way of life and you’re not getting the support that you deserve, things are bound to get a little ugly…not William Defoe ugly, but pretty close.

So here’s my advice to those who are being unsupportive…

Put your inner jackass routine on hold for a minute…

Pretty harsh huh?

Not really…

The point is that it’s hard enough trying to gain a little momentum in this type of business whether it be Empower Network or some other type of home-based business out there.

It can be frustrating.

It can be very time consuming…especially in the beginning when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

However, the process can be a lot smoother and a lot easier to deal with when there is a little support in your corner.

Let me share this story with you:

One time a few years back me and my wife went to a local hair store. 

I decided that a clean shaven head wasn’t good enough, so it was time to get a wig.

Lol…not really.

Actually my wife was looking for a few hair pieces that she could add to her own hair.

old asian manSo as we made our way around the store, I noticed that this older Asian guy kept following us around the store.

Finally he walked up to us and struck up a conversation with us.

First it was about the type of hair that my wife was looking for, but then the conversation became more personal.

He began asking how long we’ve been married, what we do for a living, etc.

Then one question that he asked really got my attention.

He spoke in broken English, so it sorta came out like this:

You either make your husband superhero…or you make him junk!

At first we both gave him that “puzzled-look face”, but then the message started to sink in a little bit.

Here’s what I got from what he said:

No matter how motivated someone is when they start-up a home based business like Empower Network and “go crazy”, the truth is that they NEED that support from their spouse.

Have you ever had a moment when your spouse gives you some words of encouragement and it takes your motivation into hyper drive?

You beat on your chest a little like King Kong and you have that extra “oomph” in your step?

You literally feel like you can move mountains?

But most importantly, you feel like you’ll never…ever…quit no matter what.

That’s what he meant when he said you can be lifted up mentally to the point you feel like a superhero…or junk.

Junk?  What about junk?

This happens when your spouse has a negative mindset and they happen to bring you into their world of negativity.

Now it may be easy to remove negative friends out of your life, but the reality is that there are people within your own household that you can’t just remove from your life.

Now you might be thinking, “Well I could get a separation or even divorce”, but that’s a little on the extreme side.

If you are thinking that, then maybe your relationship may have been on the rocks to begin with, but that’s not what I’m trying to cover here.

Here’s the deal:

The truth is that your spouse’s vision about making a significant income online may not match yours.

They may think that all there is to life is just to go to work every day for 30 or 40 years and then retire in your 60’s.

So by thinking like that, they actually think that they will be protecting you from some type of “home based business scam” online.

That’s why they can’t support you.  Their belief simply isn’t as BIG as yours.

What will turn you into a “piece of junk” is the fact that your belief is tied to your home based business and when they throw “negative stones” at it, you’ll come down with it.

So should you just throw in the towel?

Of course not, you take a stand with your business and let them know (in a loving way of course) that if they are tired of stressing over bills, hating their current job, not getting to go on vacations, or simply tired of not having the things they want in life…


…then they need to give you the support you need because YOU will be the one that will make it happen for them.

If you’re looking to be a “superhero” in your business, you can start here.

To Being The Man of Steel,

Mike Harris









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