Slap On This YouTube: Empower Network Video Hosting Is Now Available

Empower Network Video Hosting

It just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

To be honest, I figured something like this was coming.

I’m not saying that to be arrogant either.

I just knew that with all the YouTube pimp-slapping that was going on with Empower Network members, that the Double Daves weren’t going to sit back and let it ride.

For those that didn’t know, there was believed to be an organized group of “haters” that was going around on YouTube attempting to get Empower Networkers video channels shutdown.

In a lot of cases, they were successful. (My channel is still up as of this moment)

Hopefully it continues to remain active so my Black & Tam event footage won’t be deleted.

I believe YouTube has some type of automated system, so when videos are flagged numerous times the account is shutdown for “inappropriate” content.

Or as I like to say, pimp-slapped…

Jealous Internet Marketer Conspiracy? (We’ll call it J.I.M. Conspiracy)

I wouldn’t doubt it.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that this so-called “organized group” was probably people that were hired from some outsourcing site to search and flag YouTube videos with anything with Empower Network tied to them.

That’s just the “conspiracy theorist” in me speaking out.

You see, “crabs in the barrel” aren’t just a bunch of broke people who want to pull other people down for trying to create a better lifestyle for themselves…

…they are also people with money as well.

They just see Empower Network as a company that’s “dipping” into their income…which is not the case at all.

Really, there’s enough to go around.

Doesn’t matter how slim or fat your pockets are with money because human nature (jealousy) will always rear its ugly head.

Why Roll With Video?

Why not…don’t you know that YouTube is the 3rd most visited site on the internet?

That means that video is extremely popular these days.  I actually talk about how it can work for your business in the video below:

(WarningHigh Levels of good looks are contained in this video)



In the near future, I’ll have to do a video review on all the bell’s and whistle’s of Empower Network’s new video hosting platform.

For right now, this screenshot is all you get:

Empower Network Video Hosting

I’m not sure what else Empower Network has up their sleeves, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be raising the bar even higher as usual.

Ok if you’ve been watching from the sidelines, you know the drill.

If you’re not into all that technical stuff with creating a blog, you can get one an easier, faster way by going here.

To Empower Network Video Hosting Gone Wild,

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