My Personal Vision and How Empower Network Will Help Me Live It In 2013

Finding Clarity…Then Taking Action With My Empower Network Vision

Sometimes you just gotta have a CLEAR vision of what you want…and then go get it no matter what.

When you define it this way, no one will stop you.

All the naysayers, the haters, the wussies (a David Wood term), the crabs, or just anyone that wants to snatch your dreams away…

…look ’em in the eyes and say, “I Salute You…With This”

Mike Harris says F U


After that, thank them for giving you even more fuel to add to your fire achieving your goals and living the way that you want to live.

Let’s be real for a second.

If you join Empower Network or some other home based business and you start to get a little momentum going, there will be people (even friends and family) that won’t be as happy as you are about your success.

In fact, some may want you to fail…miserably.

I remember a few years back when I joined this other opportunity dealing with credit, identity theft, etc.

I must’ve looked like an idiot walking around, trying to get anyone to join.  Friends, family, random strangers, you name it.

I couldn’t help it.  I was excited and I thought I was going to be rich.

*You can read on more of that story here*

Well fast forward a few months and not much changed.  I mean I made a few commissions here and there, but nothing really to talk about.

“I Said..Let Me Learn Ya Something Boy!”

Egghead Junior

You remember what I said earlier about people hoping that you fail?

Well, there’s 2 types of haters in this world:

1.  Direct Hater – Someone who wants to directly have a negative impact on what you’re trying to accomplish.  In other words, they are not shy about trying to take you down.

2.  Poker Face Hater – Someone who shows you support on the surface, but secretly is rooting for your failure in the background.  Sometimes can be a family member or even a friend.

Trust me, you’ll know when you encounter one or the other.

I had one co-worker of mine who called my opportunity a scam, pyramid scheme, pretty much everything under the sun.  What was funny was that every few weeks or so he kept on asking me how was my business going.

Now why would someone who isn’t interested in joining my opportunity be so concerned with how my business was going?

*Refer back to #2 of the types of haters*

You see, he wasn’t interested.  He was only interested in whether I was having success or not.

He wanted me to fail…

…and I knew it.

No One Fails…They Quit

I view “failure” as learning experiences.  You take what didn’t work the first time, go back to the drawing board, and apply new strategies to your business.

Basically, you learn and apply.

Learn more and apply more.

My Vision For 2013 and Beyond

I see myself waking up on a Friday around 4 am.

I normally get up before everyone else does so I can do my daily workout.

Gotta love P90X Laughing

I finish my workout and start making breakfast.  For some reason, it seems like time has slowed down a little.

I take a shower and start getting dressed…

…for my last day at my current job.

I’ve been there for the last 14 years, working in different positions throughout the company.

Now it’s over.

I clean out my desk, say my goodbyes, and go to pick up my wife from her job.  Today is her last day as well.

I’ve always told her, that I would retire her someday…and today’s that day.  Next, we go celebrate by having a lunch at our favorite seafood restaurant, Pappadeaux’s.

We discuss which way we going to go about paying off our daughter’s college tuition, our vehicles, and the rest of our miscellaneous bills.

When we get home, we throw ideas around about where we would like to go on vacation.  I already know where I want to go.

Hell, I’ve been talking about it for years.  Seen the commercial dozens of times and it just looks so damn relaxing lol.

Take a look at this video and tell me if you agree:


Pretty nice in my opinion.

I plan on laying in the Lazy River and sipping on some kind of mixed fruit drink for a few hours.

Empower Network Is Changing Lives Everywhere

I’m seeing it everywhere…and I’m a full believer in what Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have created here.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can go here to get more information.

My vision is clear, but I know I will have to do these 3 things first:

  1. Stay consistent.
  2. Get to Denver, Colorado for the Don’t Be A Wussy 2013 event.
  3. Help others do the same.

I have a clear vision for this year and if you think that this can be the vehicle that will get you to where you want to be, you can get started here.

To A Clear Vision,

Mike Harris

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