How To Avoid Selling Spam Sandwiches On Facebook

Facebook Spam Has A Bad Taste

I’m going to be blunt here:

Spamming on Facebook is stupid.

No…it really is.

You probably clicked on this post because either you agree with what I’m saying or maybe you took offense to me calling you a Facebook spammer.

I’m sorry, but it had to be said.

Sometimes when I’m sorta “stuck” in my thoughts on what I’m going to write about on my blog, I’ll shoot over to Facebook and check a few updates and notifications.

That’s when I see IT.

For instance, there’s one guy that I see everyday that is posting in every possible group on Facebook about his opportunity.

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if there was some actual VALUE given within the post, but it’s not.

It’s a straight-up business pitch.

Tell me if you’ve seen this before:

Facebook Spam


Facebook Spam


Now notice that I left out this person’s name because I don’t like throwing people under the bus and I was just using this as an example.

As far as I know, this person could be a multi-millionaire…

…but then again I don’t think a multi-millionaire would be spamming all over Facebook 20 times a day building a business.

I’ll be fair here because I believe that most people don’t know how to sell.

Hell…I don’t really “sell”.

I don’t have that “pushy salesman” type personality.  You know, the guy that wants to convince you WHY you need to buy something.

That’s not me.

I simply blog about stuff.

If you come to my blog and you’re interested in what I’m talking about, then you’ll subscribe to my list.

If you think I’m a complete moron that doesn’t know what talking about, you’ll leave.

No harm done and no hard feelings.

It’s cool…I’m a big boy now lol.

Don’t Propose The First Time You Meet

I heard this saying a while back and I thought it was pretty funny, yet made perfect sense.

Imagine that you’re out on the town (restaurant, movies, club, – pick one) with your friends and you spot a gorgeous woman standing 10 feet away from you.

She has the perfect eyes, hair, skin, legs, curves, etc.

Basically, she’s ALL THAT.

Now do you just walk right up to her and ask her to marry you?


Do you introduce yourself, learn a little about her, and try to get her number so you can take her on a date?

I hope you picked the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some women out there that will hypnotize you and make you want to say some stupid shit that won’t work 99.9% of the time.

However, most people at least want to know who you are before they decide whether or not they want to deal with you.

So smacking a stranger upside the head with a business opportunity does not make good business sense.

Gaining Some Level Of Trust

Is it possible to gain “trust” online?

Yes.  Otherwise people wouldn’t waste their time.

Now nothing compares with face to face interaction, but online interaction is the next best thing.

This is what you see from most people that have broken away from being spam “artists”:

Introduction – This is normally done through Facebook (without the spamming), blogging, and videos.

Capture Page – I’ll compare this to asking a woman for their number.  In this case, it’ll be your email.

Their Opportunity – When a person gives you their email, it says that they’re at least interested in what you have to offer.

What you’re accomplishing  here is presenting your business in a way where you’re not turning people off by being annoying.

It’s basically a system that can run for you 24/7 without all of the unwanted social media spam sandwiches.

Makes sense?

Repeat this 3 times:

Facebook Sam I Am,

I’ll No Longer Promote Green Eggs And SPAM.

By the time you finish saying this, you should have instant cash flowing into your bank account.


I’m just messing around with you, but if you are looking for a way promote without looking like a desperate sales guy, then join my team and let’s slay this spamming army together.

Saying NO to fried spam sandwiches,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris








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