Empower Network’s Epic 7-Figure Inner Circle Mastermind on Google Hangout

Empower Network’s Epic 7-Figure Inner Circle Mastermind on Google Hangout

Empower Network's Epic 7-Figure Inner Circle Mastermind on Google HangoutLast night was CRAZY…

I got to hang out with a room full of millionaires.

And you will too as soon as you press play on the video below.

It’s not too often that you get to take a handful of the top Empower Network earners and have them share a TON of knowledge for FREE.

People like David Wood, Dave Sharpe, Lawrence Tam, Aaron Rashkin, Chris Record (Leader of Team Take Massive Action), Tracey Walker, Vick Strizheus, just to name a few who were spilling the beans on what it takes to create wealth in this industry.


By taking the time to educate yourself on a daily basis, you become more VALUABLE.

Then something magical happens…you’ll be able to provide VALUE to others.

So it’s pretty straight forward…Educate yourself = Provide value to others.

When you provide value to others, they see you as someone that will help them get what they want.

That’s why I follow people like the ones that you will see in this Inner Circle Mastermind.

I learn from them and pass what I’ve learned to others through this blog.

They also mentioned FOCUS and how it hinges on whether you succeed or not.

If you are scatter-brained and can’t seem to take on only a few projects at a time, you’re not going to get anything done.

You NEED to focus.

Define what your strengths are and place your efforts there.

Good with Social Media and people?  Generate leads by marketing on Facebook.

Have a nice sized budget?  Try using Solo Ads or some other form of paid advertising.

Whatever your strengths are, make sure you utilize them to the fullest.

…and remain CONSISTENT.

My strength?  I’m good at blogging and putting up WordPress blogs quickly, so I focus on that.

I gravitate towards the technical shit…because I’m sorta geeky like that.

But that’s the best way I know how to help people, so it works for me.

I originally was just going to post the video on here, but I like to ramble a little.

I’m done now…so make sure you watch the video and take LOTS of notes because there’s some good stuff on here.



If you’re still watching from the sidelines, come on in (here’s how).

To Continuous Learning and Success,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris

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Mike Harris is the owner and creator of WorkWithMikeHarris.net. He is a Manufacturing Engineering Tech that builds his online business part-time through the use of systems. *On a side note...he's a huge Call of Duty junkie.*


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