How I Ranked On The First Page Of Google For Empower Network Video Hosting

Do you want to see how I ranked on the first page of Google for Empower Network video hosting?

Ranking is really not hard, even if you’re not some overly technical SEO superhero that shoots laser from his eyes like Superman.

You just have to find the right keywords that people are searching for.

Have you ever seen where someone is waiting to be picked up from the airport and there’s like a dozen cab/limo drivers waiting in the lobby holding a sign with a specific name on it?

What does the person do?

They search…until they find the driver that is holding the sign with their name on it.

Now what if the driver wasn’t holding the correct name?

Simple…they wouldn’t be found as easily would they?

This is what you want to be within the search engines.

You want to be the one that is holding the sign that people are specifically looking for.

The best part is that people are looking for you instead of you hunting them down like Steve Irwin from the Crocodile Hunter.

May he R.I.P. by the wayInnocent

And this is what you should be striving for.

You want to build your site to the point where it becomes a big ass magnet, attracting people from all over the net.

By the way, if you haven’t built yourself a blog yet you can start by going here.

So…how did you get ranked Mike?

I ain’t gonna lie…

…I cheated Yell

Not really, but when I first saw that Empower Network was coming out with a new video hosting service for its members, a light bulb immediately flashed above my head.

Ya know, sometimes you just gotta be first.Cool

I really didn’t have to do any keyword research either.

The first keyword or phrase so to speak, was naturally “Empower Network Video Hosting”.


I also knew that other EN bloggers out there where already licking their chops for these keywords, so I added YouTube Slap to the beginning of my title.

So it came out like this: “Slap on this YouTube: Empower Network Video Hosting Is Now Available”

What this does is help me rank this post with different keywords in the title.

Take a look for yourself:

how i ranked on the first page of google for empower network video hosting


and this one as well:

how i ranked on the first page of google for empower network video hosting

I ranked first for “empower network youtube slap” and third for “empower network video hosting“.

…and yes they both were on the 1st page of Google.

[insert cocky jackass alter ego here]

What I learned from the Black and Tam crew at their event earlier this month was that you must learn to celebrate everything that you accomplish, big or small.

If you get your 1st lead online, celebrate.

If you post your 1st YouTube video, celebrate.

If you get your 1st sale, celebrate.

If you rank your blog post on the 1st page of Google, celebrate.

“Small” victories count too.

Let’s Get Somewhat Technical For A Moment…

Here’s a quick breakdown of what your On Page SEO should look like for your blog post:

  • 500 Words
  • 1 Keyword (mine is empower network video hosting)
  • Keyword in the Title
  • 1% – 2% Density (5-10 words with keyword)
  • H1, H2, and H3 Tags with keyword
  • Keyword in your meta description
  • At least 1 image with your keyword in the Alt Text box

Just so you know, my article only had 446 words so I was off a little bit.

However, Google didn’t seem to mind.Laughing

I’ll show you each pic, then I’ll break them down a little ok?

empower network title, permalink, and h2 tag

In this pic, I have my keyword in the title, my permalink, as well as my H2 tag.  The title of my post counts as the H1 tag, so I won’t have to add one within the post.

Ok let’s move on to the next:

empower network alt tag image

This is the image I used within my post.  As the Alternative Text, I also used my chosen keyword.  Keep in mind that once you upload an image, you can still edit the alt text to match your keyword.

…and the next:

H3 tag image

At the end of my post I used the H3 tag on the signature line using my keyword as well.  Sometimes it’s easier to be creative and slip the keyword into your signature.

…and last but not least:

wordpress seo by yoast -

As you can see above, my focus keyword is “empower network video hosting”.  I also make sure that I place it in my meta description as well.

If you have your own WordPress site up and running, I recommend that you get the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.  It is VERY helpful as far as getting the SEO side of things correct for your content.

This cat seems to know his stuff about SEO…and he has funny caricatures plastered everywhere lol.

Oh by the way, as I’m typing these last few sentences I’m way over my 500 word minimum for a blog post so I should be good.

Follow these steps and you’ll be ranked in no time.

To being ranked on the first page of Google,

Mike Harris

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