Empower Network Infused With A Dose Of P90X

Getting Fit and Sexy While Blogging With Empower Network

If you live in Texas like me or anywhere in the southern part of the United States, then you know that the weather is starting to heat up a little bit.

That’s when layers of clothes start coming off and most people want to look good for the summer.

It’s funny because during the cooler months I hibernate like a bear (and eat like a pig) and as soon as the temperature picks up, I turn into somewhat of a madman trying to get in shape for the summer.

That’s when the P90X and Insanity DVDs get pulled out of storage.

“X” me damn it…lol

What’s weird is that we have a membership at the local gym/pool/basketball court/everything else, but I really don’t use it too much.

I actually got used to working out at home.  For some reason, I seem to focus better.

Maybe the “scenery” distracts me a little.Tongue Out

Or maybe I get tired other people’s competitive nature coming out and wondering why they’re watching my workout instead of doing their own.

Ya know, I’m probably just paranoid or something lol.

However I’m willing to bet that 95% of the people that are reading this post have been to the gym and seen this dumb mess before:

Watch This Video



Many of you are probably wondering how do I find the time to exercise and work my Empower Network business if I’m still part-time?

It’s easier than you think.

You just have to “leverage” the time that you DO have available.

Internet = Leverage

Obviously the biggest tool that will help you leverage your time is the internet.

With the internet, you have the power to set up a system once and let them run on their own with very little involvement on your part.

Take my blogging for instance.

Once I create content and post it on my blog, it’s here to stay unless I remove it myself.  My pieces of content can literally bring people to my site without me having to chase them down.

Here’s a cool little trick (it’s free) that I use to make my blogging a lot easier.

I like to “batch” my content…meaning I’ll have a 2-4 hour session where I’ll write all of my content for the week and post one at a time throughout the week.

I can show you on this one pic below:

Automated blog posts

See?  There’s nothing extra that you have to do on your part.

So try this:

1.  Find a time frame when you can exercise (you’ll love P90X by the way), whether it’s before or after work and commit to that time.

2.  Batch your content one day of the week when you’re feeling extra creative so you can “drip” your new content to your readers using the method I just showed you above.

3.  Even if you have a small budget, try to either run a solo ad or even Facebook PPC that will market your business on complete autopilot. (I will be creating a video tutorial for this in the near future, so stay tuned)

You see how much time you can save if you get a little creative with these little “systems” that you can use on the internet?

Except for number one…sorry, but you can’t put “working your ass off” on auto-pilot.

If you’re looking for a system that will run on autopilot for you, then click here.

To flatter stomachs for the summer,

Mike Harris



About Mike Harris

Mike Harris is the owner and creator of WorkWithMikeHarris.net. He is a Manufacturing Engineering Tech that builds his online business part-time through the use of systems. *On a side note...he's a huge Call of Duty junkie.*


  1. JC says:

    Great stuff man… I just started Insanity myself.


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