3 Things Django Could Teach You About Breaking Free of Your Slave Mentality In Empower Network

“It’s Django…D-J-A-N-G-O.  The “D” is silent”.

Quick DJango Overview:

Django is set in the 1850’s…

There is a German bounty hunter by the name of King Schultz who frees Django from two men transporting slaves in the Texas woods.

Soon after, he takes Django under his wing and begins training him in his profession as a bounty hunter.

They travel from town to town, killing wanted men for money.

However as the story goes on we learn that Django has a wife that was sold into slavery on a plantation in Mississippi.

So the duo take a detour from their bounty hunting ways to search for Django’s long lost slave wife.

Upon arriving in Mississippi, they encounter Calvin Candie, a somewhat arrogant plantation owner who seems to enjoy having two slaves (Mandingo’s)  fight to the death in the comfort of his own club.

But he’s not even the most interesting character in this portion of the movie.

That title would go to Stephen, Calvin Candie’s “right hand house slave” or so to speak.

Samuel L. Jackson’s character portrays a slave that can be referred to as an “Uncle Tom”.

If you don’t know what an Uncle Tom is, I’ll explain it to you.

Click Here to see how the movie Django relates to your mindset within the daily “Rat Race”.

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