Broken Washing Machines, Iron Man 3, And Cheating On My P90X Diet

Crappy Beginning, Great Ending

Are there points in your life where you feel that it’s “always something” that goes wrong?

How do you deal with it?

How do you respond to it?

Sometimes it seems like there are little “minions” in the background of your life, trying to cause as many setbacks as possible so you’ll just throw in the towel and quit…

…and unfortunately a LOT of people do.

They let the “minions” win.

Like I always say, you FAIL only when you QUIT…everything else is just a learning experience.

Meet My “Minion” MayTag Washer

Maytag Amana Washer

A few days ago my wife decided to wash the sheets before we left for work.  Everything was cool until I was about to step out the door.  That’s when I heard this LOUD screeching sound coming from our washer.

When I opened the lid, I saw that the sheets had twisted up pretty tight and caused the (agitator?) to overwork itself.  So I reached in and tried to untwist the sheets.  This wouldn’t have been so bad had the water not been set on the HOT cycle.

Kinda hard to pull and untwist something when you only have a few seconds to do so because of the heat of the water.Yell

So I finally got the sheets loose and began doing my typical troubleshooting to see if everything was in working order.

Spin = Check

Drain = Check

Wash & Rinse = Fail


You ever encounter a problem and already begin adding up the money in your head?  It’s money that you really don’t want to spend, but you know it has to be done?

But that day I said, “screw it…I’ll fix it myself”.

Sometimes I can be frugal and stubborn at the same time.  Can’t help it lol…it’s who I am.  So when I got off work that day, I pulled out the few tools that I have and proceeded to take my washer apart.

Suprisingly, it didn’t take very long.  I removed the covers, agitator (spin thingy in the middle of the washer), and the tub out.

I really thought I was a bad ass until I got to the springs near the bottom.  That’s when I saw the warning label that read “springs are holding up to 200 lbs of pressure”.


I was done.

I didn’t want to have some type of horror story where I’m trying to remove the spring only to have it snap back and put my eye out.

Looking like the governor from The Walking Dead TV show wouldn’t be a good look for me.

The Walking Dead Governor

So I pretty much sucked it up and went out and got a new washer that will give me hell in the next couple of years lol.

Things Always Get Better With Dinner And A Movie

Ya know, there is something relaxing about going to the movies and stuffing your face with theater junk food.

I’m not talking just popcorn, twizzlers, and a Root Beer.

I’m talking about a full meal.

I’m not sure where you live, but in Texas we have a theater called Studio Movie Grill.

What makes them better than any typical movie theater is the fact that they sell pizzas, burgers & fries, chicken tenders, desserts, etc.

Combine that with a great movie like Iron Man 3 and I’m a happy camper.

By the way, I definitely recommend you go see it if comic book movies are you kind of thing.

Check out the trailer below:


Pretty cool huh?

The only drawback with this movie is the fact that it made me cheat on my P90X diet.


Sorry lol.

If you have been on this blog before then you know that I’ve pulled P90X and Insanity out of storage to get in shape for the summer.

I’m not gonna lie either, but it’s hard to get back in the routine of exercising when you haven’t done it in awhile.

That pretty much goes for a lot of things in life.

I’d say that the hardest part is taking action and then remaining consistent over a period of time.

However, you can if you want it BAD enough.

You wanna lose weight?  Get up off the couch and exercise.

You wanna get away from your 9 to 5 job in 2013?  Find the “vehicle” that will take you where you want to go and drive it until the wheels fall off.

You wanna know the “secret”?

Envision the place where you want to be and let that be the factor that keeps you committed to reaching your goals.

That’s what I’m doing.

You ever notice that your actions tend to follow whatever your mind believes?

If you believe that you CAN’T do anything to change your current situation then that lack of belief will show in your actions.


If you know where you’re going and you BELIEVE it, the actions you take will match your beliefs.

It should be that the pain of being caught up in your current situation will bring you to the point of wanting to fight on a daily basis to want something more for you and your loved ones around you.

If you have that kind of desire, you should go here.

To fighting for what you want,

Mike Harris

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