3 Ways To Stay Laser-Focused So You Won’t Quit Chasing Your Goals Online

Can you stay laser-focused so you won’t quit as soon as trouble rears it’s ugly head?

stay laser-focused so you won't quitOh My God!

The Germans are coming!

Run! Quick! See!

No this is not the script from some classic War movie…

This was the atmosphere at my job the last few weeks.

Managers were scrambling, breathing down our necks trying to make sure the place was in immaculate condition for that BIG DAY.  That day when the German CEO and CFO were flying into town to pay a visit to our location to see if the millions they’ve invested were being put to good use.

Honestly you never know what these “big wigs” are thinking.

They could come in your place of business with all smiles and then decide to lay off a bunch of people.

Job security right?

Not so much.

So what can you do about it?

You can choose to take control of your life.

Take your life back!

The truth is, you gotta start somewhere.

and it’s NOT at the top.

Especially if you have never been online before.

DON’T take this the wrong way…

With everything in life that you have accomplished, did you not have to learn how to do it FIRST?

The cliche’ is: you CRAWL, you WALK, you RUN.

The bottom line is, you WILL eventually reach your destination.

You CAN accomplish your goals.

Ask yourself this: What is the MAIN reason most people fail?

Not just online, I’m talking about in LIFE period.

It’s simple….they QUIT.

People quit and then blame someone else for their failures.

But I know you won’t because you’re still here.

You’re just looking for a solution that you can focus all of your energy on.

Ok, let’s say that you do take action and you’re starting from scratch.

How do you remain focused? How do you keep pushing forward down the same path?

It’s actually pretty easy.

If you can get your MIND right, your actions WILL follow….period.

Eliminate the Fear of Failure Syndrome

Here are 3 ways to stay on course:

1. Understand that you are unique – When you are getting started online, you will be searching for someone that you feel can help you reach your goals.

This is fine, but while you can copy some of their techniques, you can not copy WHO THEY ARE.

What you need to do is focus on who you are. Take the techniques you learn and put your own personal spin on them.

Look at it this way: People love hamburgers, but does everyone go to the same place to get one?

Of course not. Some people go to McDonald’s while others go to Burger King.

Dominoes or Pizza Hut?

Buffalo Wild Wings or Wingstop?

Same type of food, but certain people choose certain brands.

This will be the same for you…some will be drawn to you while others won’t.

and that’s OK, just continue to focus on who you are.

2. Everyone lines up at the starting line – Even though you may only be making $5, $10, $25 dollars as commissions (just an example), at one point in time the top earners you see now were making the same around the same amount.

The only difference is that they didn’t QUIT.

Everyone goes through some type of struggle (learning experiences) in their life, so if you’re just beginning don’t get discouraged.

You have to be patient, otherwise you’ll quit before you even had the chance to reach your potential.

*Note: Your belief says a lot about who you will turn out to be in life*

3. Create a schedule and follow it every single day – I highly recommend this because it prevents you from spreading yourself too thin.

Find 2 things that you have a solid understanding of and do them everyday.

If you have a blog, create a piece of content EVERYDAY.

If you have a camera, shoot a video EVERYDAY.

Take these 2 pieces of content and post them to Facebook. (connect with me on Facebook if you haven’t)

The key is to take consistent action EVERYDAY.

If you can do this, I promise that it will change you.

It will bring something out of you that you never thought you had.

You will feel like you deserve to be in a better situation then you’re in right now.

This belief is what will carry you forward and you’ll never quit again.

Before you leave, watch this video:


To staying focused in your life,

Mike Harris

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