Why Settle For An Online Scam When You Have A Full Time Job?

What Are Considered Online Scams?

Watch this video below first:


The point that I’m trying to make in the video above is that most of us are so conditioned with the “job” mentality, that we think that it’s impossible to truly step out of our comfort zones and try to become successful in the online world.

It is really easy to feel relaxed when your back isn’t against the wall.

Hell, why should we give this internet marketing thing our all?

We got job security right?Sealed

After all, we work our 40+ hours a week and collect a check that takes care of everything that our families need right?

We can just dabble a little bit with this online opportunity and if it doesn’t work out, we can just quit and fall back on our jobs….

Personally, I think this is what makes lot of us fail as part-time internet marketers.

As long as we got a job, our heads are “above water” and our efforts aren’t 100%.

The Opposite Mindset…

A job for some people is…

An obstacle

A stepping stone for something greater

A temporary glitch

Funding for their “part-time” Internet gigor in some people’s heads, an online scam.

There are people out there that believe that having a job is basically bullshit.

Having to get up and spend 8 to 12 hours at a place that you really don’t want to be at.

Being told what to do all day by a micro-managing boss that you can’t stand. (Think of the movie, “Horrible Bosses”….well except for the parts with Jennifer Aniston in them lol)Online scam

It’s the pain of having to deal with that on a daily basis that drives us “part time” internet marketers to keep pushing forward until we reach our desired goals…which in this case is to leave a 9 to 5 for good.

Why go to a place that makes you miserable?

Why continue this “routine” for the next 20-30 years?

Why not fight for your freedom?

Think about it…if it took you 6 months to a year to create enough online income to work full-time from home, that still beats going to job that you hate for the next 5 years regretting that you decided NOT take action.

Start here…and Never GIVE UP.

To being an unstoppable FORCE,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris




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Mike Harris is the owner and creator of WorkWithMikeHarris.net. He is a Manufacturing Engineering Tech that builds his online business part-time through the use of systems. *On a side note...he's a huge Call of Duty junkie.*


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