HOW TO: Add Your Empower Network RSS Feed To Your Personal Blog (Video Tutorial)

Is it hard to add your Empower Network RSS Feed To Your Personal Blog?:

I LOVE this stuff.

I really do…

…and my wife calls me a geek all the time because of it.

I can’t help it…it just seems to come to me naturally.

Now I’m not saying I’m an expert or something, but I tend to easily scan HTML coding to and make changes to it with ease.

I’m still learning though.

You can NEVER stop learning.

Your personal knowledge is your most valued asset.

Learn something.  Show others.  Rinse and repeat.

Ok, enough rambling let’s get on with it shall we?

Now this can apply to anyone with a WordPress blog, not necessarily an Empower Network blog.

I surf through other peoples blog ALL the time, whether it’s to spark my own creativity, learning something new, or just seeing what other people are up to.

One thing I noticed is that people that have a personal blog outside of Empower’s always have a link somewhere on their sidebar titled: My Empower Network blog…which is ok.

So I had an idea:

What if instead of them seeing a “My Empower Network blog” link, they could see a number of catchy titles from your Empower Network blog?

When people notice a catchy title, they’re more likely to click on that link to see what the blog post is about…

…so when they read your blog post from your Empower Network site and see a good offer in place, like the “Homeless Van Man” banner to the right, chances are they’ll opt-in to your website.

Sound good so far?

If yes, watch this video tutorial below:

Don’t have your own money making blog yet?

It’s cool…just do this first.

To Your Continuous Success,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris


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Mike Harris is the owner and creator of He is a Manufacturing Engineering Tech that builds his online business part-time through the use of systems. *On a side note...he's a huge Call of Duty junkie.*


  1. Alice says:

    Very helpful. Thank you.

    • Mike Harris says:

      No problem Alice.

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