What Is IFTTT? A Simple Solution That Can Put Your Online Tasks On Autopilot


What is IFTTT?

IFTTT or “IF This, Then That”, is a site I came across not too long ago and was hooked from the beginning.

It’s a FREE way to automate a lot of social media based tasks, like scheduling tweets, or having your Facebook posts go to Tumblr, or having your RSS feed go to Diigo, or have your YouTube video posts go to Delicious, and on and on.

You can pretty much make any kind of combination that you want, and it will run on auto-pilot for you for as long as you want it to.

Pretty good stuff huh?

The idea is to take a lot of the manual processes out of your hands and automate them so you free up more time to take care of other tasks.

It’s great for anyone that’s on a budget consisting of 3 pennies, a half-piece of gum, and a pocket full of lint.Laughing

This Ain’t Ya Momma’s Recipes

Don’t worry, this isn’t a cooking site, but you will be learning a few recipes that you can use.  A “recipe” is a command that you can setup to perform a specific task from a list of social media related “channels”.

Some channels will already be activated because you probably use those more frequently than the other ones.

There is a total of 59 different channels, giving you more than enough ideas on which recipes you can create.




While this screenshot doesn’t show you EVERY channel, you can get an idea of what you will be able to use.

My Personal Recipes

I have a blog (obviously), and I’m always trying to find ways to get as much FREE exposure as I possibly can.  One way I do this is take my RSS feed and aim them at various channels like Tumblr, Facebook (of course), Delicious, Diigo, etc.

I have 2 tricks I use that makes this more powerful than just submitting my RSS feeds everywhere.  First I mix multiple RSS feeds together (blog, YouTube, etc.) using an RSS Mixer.

Then for my blog’s RSS Feed, I use a plugin called RSS Footer to brand my blogs RSS Feed.  With this plugin you can add an tagline to your posts in your RSS feed using HTML.  So if you want to maybe add a link to your capture page, you could do so with this plugin.

The plugin options look like this:



…and it ends up looking like this on your RSS feed:



As you can see it’s just another simple avenue to get some traffic and direct them towards your capture page.

It is always about exposure!

Watch this video as I show you how to use IFTTT:

If you’re a part-time online marketer, it’s always best to automate as much as you possibly can.

To leveraging the internet,

Mike Harris

Mike Harris

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Mike Harris is the owner and creator of WorkWithMikeHarris.net. He is a Manufacturing Engineering Tech that builds his online business part-time through the use of systems. *On a side note...he's a huge Call of Duty junkie.*


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